22 January 2010

gentle as a dove

our words are so precious.

i find it interesting how easily i can ramble and gush to my friends and then how quick i am to snap at my mother. i become tongue-tied with feelings of inadequacy and frustration when i speak to justice's father. and then my words become inspired to much deeper thoughts of betterment when speaking with my darling. i use my words to discuss experience and wisdom with my siblings. and i attempt to plan my words with good intentions around my son. more often than not, i stifle my words to my god.

my words have been sources of inspiration and soothing charm, while out of the same mouth i spout vile daggers of bitterness and contempt.

i hear words i mistrust being spoken every day, as well as ones i want to believe i can trust.

i make a point of practicing honesty, which is undoubtedly admirable, but what about the honest phrases i spew in anger that can never again be unspoken?

i'm not sending myself on any sort of guilt trip here, and really, i may be pointing fingers more than i am taking the blame, but doesn't it all come back to me anyway?

i can only be responsible for the things i say.
and to go a bit deeper - only i am responsible for
the words that don't or stubbornly won't leave my mouth.

so i could sit here all day pleading for well-thought words of love, and there are times when that may be necessary and right, but at this point i find it only pertinent to remind myself to be wise as a serpent yet gentle as a dove.

because even a cup of cold water given to an enemy will reap an unimaginable reward - even if that reward simply amounts to peace.

interesting choice of words - simply amounts to peace....

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