30 April 2010

lurve reprise

i wish i could tell you how much i love you.
but the words in my lexicon fall dreadfully short of such a task.
i'd like to be able to show you how real my love for you is,
but the magnificence of such a display may never translate enough to be grasped.

even if i could paint a picture to illustrate my love,
i know i'd find the available spectrum of colors to lack the proper brilliance and luster.

there are times when i feel that rhythm may be birthed within me,
and i might be able to dance to the tune of my love for you,
but rhythm so pure and movements so defined are extinct before ever existing.

i often find myself trying to sing the song of love that my soul has written for you,
but the lyrics are impossible to comprehend,
the pitch so perfect it rings silently, as noise may tarnish its flawlessness.

i do not know how to express my depth of love for you.

i dont know how to make sense of watching the wind move branches in a tree,
causing the leaves to kiss one another,
and knowing that that is a portion of my love for you.

i watch the sun at dusk creating sillhouettes that take my breath away,
and i know my love for you is there.

there's an endless amount of beauty to behold.

there's impossible lessons of humanity to learn.

there's bliss and there's sorrow.

and somehow i know that my love for you is within it all.

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