26 February 2009


who am i, you ask?
i'll tell you who i am.
i am daughter of the most high king.
i am beauty, clothed in grace and redemption.

who am i, you ask?
i'll tell you who i'm not.
i'm not a cheap thrill.
i'm not one to be toyed with and put to shame.

i'm not changing me for you.
me is here to stay.

who are you to think you can alter me?
you are not my god.
you are not my love or my devotion.

sadly, you are only a mere memory to be forgotten.
sadly, for you, that is.

and i will forget you because you are not worthy of me.

13 February 2009

dear justice,

a letter to you.

i urge you to seek and to find.

a jesus who will go against every natural inclination you may have for what's fair and just.
a jesus who compares his kingdom to mustard seeds. a jesus who will leave a whole flock of sheep behind in concern for one who may be struggling. a jesus who is gentle enough to heal the hurting yet powerful enough to make the demons shudder at the sound of his name.

jesus is not safe, precious child. but know this - he is good.

this world will teach you to earn your way to success; to always look out for yourself. jesus will tell you to love your enemies and forsake all else for the sake of others. jesus will tell you there is no profit to gain the whole world if you lose you own soul.

churches may teach you that jesus requires your time and your money. the truth is - you, precious child, are the church and all jesus would like is your willing love and devotion.

christians may tell you that you can only follow jesus by gauging the acts of others against your own. but this jesus, precious child, looks only at the heart and you cannot see into another person's intentions.

i tell you these things not to confuse or overwhelm you, but rather to inspire.

although this jesus does not add up to the world you know, i encourage you to know this jesus.

i encourage you to challenge the things of this world because they are temporary. i encourage you to love blindly and determine in your heart to stand for what's right and true.

i love you.